COME, THOU TORTOISE by Jessica Grant

Welcome to a world where tortoises study Shakespeare, apartments are converted to climbing gyms, pirates escape Penzance, and planes are kept aloft by collective positive thinking. Even before Audrey Flowers' plane takes off for her hometown of St. John's, she knows her life is about to take a sharp turn. Her beloved dad has been knocked into a coma (or a comma, as Audrey keeps calling it), and she's had to leave behind her steadfast companion, her tortoise, Winnifred, to get quickly to his bedside. Audrey's no ordinary girl, and as she upends our notions of what it means to sit on an airplane, in a cab, or at the kitchen table, she begins unravelling a mystery that puts into question everything she holds dear. Come, Thou Tortoise is packed with irresistible wordplay, surprising observations, and imaginative leaps that make this extraordinary story shine.