HATE LIST by Jennifer Brown

Hate List is deeply provocative in its exploration of the guilt associated with school shootings. Redefining what it is to be a victim, the novel follows the story of Valerie, a girl who is entering her senior year of high school with the weight of the Hate List, and the resulting school shooting on her shoulders. To add reality to Valerie's story, Jennifer Brown shifts effortlessly from past to present, revealing the simple steps and complicated psychological turmoil that lead to the shooting. Hate List is one of the rare stories that can take something highly complicated, and make it simple without being exclusive or biased. Fast-paced and intensely interesting, Hate List holds the reader's attention. Though this novel deals with extremely serious issues, it does so in a way that provides insight rather than criticism, and reveals that things that happen around us affect us as much as we affect what happens around us.

source: http://benefitsofbeinganerd.blogspot.com/